I believe I found someone who is spoofing their GPS location to create a control field. I made a webpage to detail this: http://mgiusto.com/ingress/gps_spoof.html

Contact Google to let them know of your findings @ Ingress' Help page:

Nice work!



Do you think this player is spoofing gps? I know you drop a portal key when you link, so he will definitely need to go to a minimum of two of the places on this map to pick up the lost keys. I am just not 100% certain what location he is at when reading each COMM report. If it is what I detailed in my webpage then he is definitely cheating because there is no way to reach all of those locations, stopping at each one and completing everything in 9 minutes.

So, he is at position A to start because he is deploying resonators. Then he begins linking. The key that is consumed is the destination key. He links A as the destination @ 7:09 and he has to wait for the cooldown to hack it again to get a new key. He links A the second time at 7:14. He linked B the first time at 7:07 and then again at 7:18. The catch here is he would have had to travel from A to B sometime after 7:09 and before 7:18, which you show is a 5 minute commute, so I guess it is feasible that this is legitimate. I wouldn't bother. Sorry I didn't give it a deeper look earlier, I was at work and I agree it looked suspicious.

Do you follow my logic?


You can determine which portal is your destination regardless of the portal you are located at? Is that done by exiting the Hack Portal screen then clicking on OPS in the top right and choosing the other location? Will that allow you to start at that other location that way for the link? If so, then that is how he did it.

BUT, check the other pic I posted below where he goes from West Caldwell to Livingston to Morristown in a matter of minutes, can he just sit in his car at one location and accomplish all of that?


P.S. I found this on the Ingress Help page. It says you start the link while next to the ORIGIN portal.


Here are two web pages I created to detail the GPS Spoofing I believe this guy is doing. You can make a stretch to try and explain the first page, but there is zero defense for this guy in the second page.

Ingress GPS Spoof

Ingress GPS Spoof II